Text in proxy object is positioned too high in PDF

2/1/2019 7:26 AM


I'm having a minor text adjustment issue in PDFs converted from drawings containing proxy objects. Consider the attached dwg-file. It contains a proxy object with a grid of text. When converting it to a PDF the text will be positioned slightly too high; as you can see in the PDF some characters intersect the grid lines above them. This only seems to affect the proxy object; if I explode it the text will be positioned identically to Autocad.

I've used the same test program as in this issue:


with the change necessary to load proxy object (DwgReader.LoadUnknownObjects = true).

Best regards
Tomas Emilsson

2/1/2019 12:43 PM

Hi Tomas,

I've improved the proxy graphics text vertical alignment in the rendering. Please download the latest CadLib version from "Your resources" in your profile.

Thank you for the report!

- Wout

2/1/2019 1:51 PM

Splendid! Thanks Wout!