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45000 entities

4/28/2023 1:54 AM

Hello I got the newer version 6 Windows/WPF, This is my code

C# Code:
wpfGraphics.CreateDrawables(model, GetTransform(ModelBounds, ModelWidth, ModelHeight)); List<FrameworkElement> frameworkElements = new List<FrameworkElement>(); wpfGraphics.Draw(frameworkElements);
Have a model with 2,600 entities, but after wpfGraphics.Draw it creates 44,000 framework elements making for a huge consumption. There are duplicate handles but the line coordinates appear to be slightly different as if trying to approximate curves. I thought Arcs, and curves were represented by equivalent wpf path elements?

4/28/2023 2:10 AM

Hi, 44k is quite a bit, I guess there were a lot of line types involved. Arcs and curves are approximated by polylines. In general I would recommend using Win Forms, WPF doesn't really have the performance to handle these kind of files. - Wout