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About us

Wout Ware is an innovative ISV (Independent Software Vendor), focused at providing high quality CAD, graphics and mathematics solutions in .NET.

Wout Ware believes in taking the extra step to make the difference between software that's just functional, and high quality software that increases the user's productivity and is a pleasure to work with. As a result the user gets the benefits of solid designs with highly normalized class models, maximum type safety, clear class and method naming, proper documentation and example code.


The preferred way of support is through the forum. For other questions send me an e-mail.

The source code of all products can be purchased separately, please send an e-mail for a quote.

Contact details


Wout Ware
Grasboom 13
5658GT Eindhoven
the Netherlands

KVK: 18063327
EU VAT ID: NL001683857B58

Bank account information

Name: Wout Ware
Bank: Knab
City: Eindhoven
Country: The Netherlands
IBAN number: NL50 KNAB 0259 7708 25