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CadLib Testimonials

CadLib helps us to export DWG to PDF files, and generate AutoCAD drawings. It is a very powerful product that may compete with Autodesk RealDWG for API uses at a much cheaper price, as well as fast support. CadLib is the best non-Autodesk library in .NET for AutoCAD so far.
Khoa Ho, Shell
Web site:
Using CadLib in our application for creating traffic control plans, we find it a quick and convienient solution for importing/exporting CAD drawing formats. Especially appreciated is the detailed documentation and professional support you get with the library. Excellent work!
Lukasz Muziol, Invarion Inc.
Web site:
You definitely have the best product we have been able to find after spending a lot of time looking.
Dave Swensen, Reaction Engineering International
Web site:
We have successfully used this library to make software for automatic generation of propulsion system drawings.
Michael Munk, MAN
Web site:
We use you product (CadLib 2.0) in our application “PGC Plus 6” and are extremely satisfied with the product.
The most important feature that we appreciate is the support. You’ve been there for us when we needed your assistance and very prompt with your answers and solutions that you provide. We really appreciate the business.
Tim Shor, Software Engineers at Parlec
Web site:
Product using CadLib: PGC plus system
We have integrated CadLib in a system for vehicle manufacturers. The system has been used in production since December 2006. Our customers is very satisfied with the system. We are very pleased with CadLib and the support from Wout Ware. Finn Hermansson, Project Manager - Prevas AB, Sweden.
Finn Hermansson, Project Manager - Prevas AB, Sweden
Web site:
CadLib is an excellent piece of software. It was an integral part in linking our text based manufacturing software to CNC machinery. The interface was easy to use and the support was great!
Corey Gibbs, Westmark Products, Inc.
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