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CadLib 4.0 Pricing

All licenses include upgrades for the period of a year. Note that only the current version of the software is available for download on this web site.

One license is needed per developer that uses CadLib. No royalties are involved for distribution of any applications built with CadLib.

Pricing is in EUR, the prices mentioned in USD are only indicative as the exchange rate fluctuates (prices shown at 1.00 exchange rate).

Edition Price (EUR) Price (USD)
Professional € 1249 $ 1299
Standard € 949 $ 949
Basic € 699 $ 699
Addon: basic Windows Forms graphical editor (limited entity editing support, e-mail for more information) € 299 $ 335
See here for a feature comparison between editions.

Volume discounts

Number of developer licensesDiscount %

License renewals

Send an e-mail to with the original purchase details, and you will receive a discount based on the time since the original purchase date. After 1 year the renewal discount is 50%, after 2 years the discount is 0%.

Further information

For further information send an e-mail to